Monday, October 29, 2007

zombie sneak attack!

With Halloween approaching, this late submission to the "redditors draw the alien week" just had to get some love. Zombie love.

It even came with a great email:
I noticed the little alien one day on my brother's blue powder t-shirt. He were always wearing it and I never really knew what it was until a few days ago. My brother sent me a link to this website. I think he's one of your daily readers and he knows I love to draw and create stuff.

Then I picked my pencils and drew up a Zombified Little Reddit Alien.
Why zombified???? I don't really know! I just love to draw that kind of gore thing heheheh

Just take a look over here:

Oh also, me and my brother who's always wearing that weird blue powder shirt... we got a project together. It's called Skin Circus and we provide free MySpace Layouts based on Various Artists Artworks.
There's some pretty cool, albeit twisted, stuff on his site, so check it out if you're short on Halloween inspiration. Felix LaFlamme is a 27 year-old from Quebec, which would have French-speaking zombies. Canadian zombies, armed with Tim Horton's coffee and hockey sticks, would be quite a menace, eh.Thanks Felix, I'll be looking for you when the zombies finally attack.