Wednesday, October 10, 2007

better than ponies, wired pays for an open bar

Word has gotten out about our upcoming San Francisco meetup. It took 3 submissions for my announcement to finally get some traction -- thanks to a suggestion from raldi. Apparently starting a reddit submission headline with the words "Free beer!" does a lot to help its chances.

We've also now got open invitations on mypunchbowl, facebook, and yelp (thanks gasface) so I think we can consider the web 2.0 community notified.

Feel free to bring friends, they don't even have to be redditors, just tell them to lie if they bump into us. We should have nametags too, so you can write your username and even your most recent karma score. Just don't bring your own marker and go around changing people's scores.

As promised, we're also planning on having meetups over the next two months in Boston (but we really mean Cambridge), New York, Detroit, Toronto (hopefully, those loonies are no joke these days), Chicago, and L.A. Oh, and we may even do one in Sydney.

Sorry London, there have been a lot of requests, but your beer is just too warm ;-)

(I'm going to get thrashed for saying that, I know it.)