Tuesday, October 31, 2006

happy halloween

Be warned, this is just a copy & paste from our reddit blog, but in case you missed it...

This morning, CondeNet acquired reddit. (Whoever submits this first is due for some major karma!) Needless to say, we're pretty excited.

We started reddit to solve a problem: There was tons of stuff on the Web; we wanted a front page to help us find the best of it.

Y Combinator took a chance on us and although we may have programmed reddit, we're not kidding ourselves: you all have made it everything that it is. A number of you even stuck with us after we switched away from Lisp.

As reddit grew, we were never quite sure where it would take us. To keep up with reddit's growth, we'd need to decide between taking more investment or getting acquired. As much as we enjoyed VCs taking us out to lunch, CondeNet's pitch was a little more enticing (they had better food).

We're still going to be the guys reading your feedback emails and keeping reddit chugging along. We've also been given about as much autonomy as an acquired company could get. In fact, they've insisted that we focus on growing reddit. With their resources, we're looking to do some neat things in the coming months.

The alien is also quite pleased.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

fall behind, catch up

This is a bit overdue, so I’m cramming together a week and change of updates. The only remotely interesting part of this entry is at the bottom; due to popular demand, we turned on science.reddit.com.

I used to hate raking leaves. But it was one of those many character-building activities (read: manual labor) my dad had me do growing up. He even bought me my own rake.

I never got the pet penguin I’d always asked for.

So there was never a plausible scapegoat for the mess.

I also never understood why Leif Erikson Day never got the respect it deserved.

Pity that Newfoundland isn’t an ideal location to arrive in North America…

If only those Vikings had science.reddit.com (just launched), who knows how much better off they might have been once they landed?

Monday, October 02, 2006

comic book nostalgia

It started with a trip to the Brooklyn Superhero Supply Co. last week. The friend who took me suggested a week of superhero-themed logos. Then a week later, over burritos, Justin suggested the same thing.

It had to be done.

Growing up, comics were the only things I ever read. I also started drawing by replicating my favorite superheroes, so it seemed quite appropriate -- albeit random.

Bruce Wayne: Proving that superheroes don't need superpowers. The Dark Knight was requested by both of my aforementioned friends and the penguin was just asking for it.

The movie adaptations were blockbusters, but the Spiderman cartoon show always kept me from doing homework. In fact, the blasted theme song is running through my head right now...

Everyone's favorite X-Man, Wolverine's got an indestructible Adamantium skeleton, wicked claws, keen reflexes, and regeneration, making him quite formidable. On top of that, he's Canadian.

There were a few requests for assorted members of the Fantastic 4, so cramming them all in 120px by 40px image seemed like an reasonable solution.

V from V for Vendetta. I'd never read the comic until after I saw the movie. The timing for this header was largely coincidental, but apparently many redditors found it rather appropriate.