Sunday, January 29, 2006

smile... because java loves you?

The folks over at Sun decided to give away "Java mugs" via their website, probably with the hope of generating some goodwill. Instead, they've only generated scorn. Why would anyone want such a mug in the first place? Granted, I consume more java than I program, but the idea of a getting anything for free (let alone something I could actually use on a semi-daily basis) is too alluring to ignore. At the very least, I figured I could give it to Steve has a gift -- it would be doubly ironic: he hates coffee & he hates Java.

Despite Sun's apparent benevolence, they evidently filled the box with generosity instead of packing material. The result was a shattered mug. DOA.

Steve never got his gift, but now I've got a pen/pushpin/business card holder. I think there also might be some symbolism here, but I'm not sure.

Friday, January 27, 2006

office with a view

Steve got to put his desk on the side of the living room with the windows, but I don't think he did it for the view.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006

phone call? must be a free recliner

Some days, you're being called by a Haitian woman looking for her Friday night dancing partner. Other days, you're getting harassed by a legal-sounding-type about someone named Alejandro. There are even days that you wish you're being called by anyone.

Today was a day that featured a phone call from our roommate, Chris, who told us about a recently- (and hastily-) vacated apartment next door. Our landlord offered us any and all of the furniture that we could carry. Steve and I hesitated only long enough to pause iTunes and get our jackets. The only trick would be carrying said furniture down three flights of the neighboring apartment and up three flights of our own building -- no small feat for two guys whose typical exercise regiment consists of a walk to and from the kitchen.

Needless to say, we got it home. It was only then that we found the instructions for "how to disassemble for easy and safe transportation." We also hadn't taken into consideration the general lack of space in our apartment, which was only highlighted by the massive grey recliner occupying a third of Steve's bedroom (and his is the big one...). There's also a degree of karmic justice at work here (yes, of course we believe in karmic justice) since Steve's beloved grey recliner from college was irreparably destroyed during our senior year. I believe the death knell sounded a lot like the vomiting of a drunk girl... no, in fact that's what caused its demise -- the vomit of a drunk girl.

The slightly soiled futon is hardly worth mentioning, let alone photographing. Fortunately, we don't get many overnight guests -- or guests, for that matter.

You never know what you're going to get when you pick up the phone, today we adopted an orphaned recliner, tomorrow... who knows?

** Note: title edited because I caught myself using a brand name -- Marketers: 1 Alexis: 0

Wednesday, January 04, 2006

another meal in front of a monitor, with anecdote

As I slurp down a full bowl of lentil soup, I am reminded of an interesting lesson I learned earlier this week on the flight back to Boston.

If you've ever flown AirTran (the airline formerly known as ValuJet) then you know about their rather bizarre boarding procedure. I've spent many minutes patiently waiting in the queue as my fellow passengers pause to load oversized bags into overhead compartments while others simply pause for no apparent reason. Alas, we are rather self-absorbed creatures... surely this can't ever actually be more efficient?

As a heated exchange unfolded in front of me, a flight attendant calmly instructed the two arguing women to take their seats, but not before insisting that this method has been "scientifically proven." In response to some skeptical gazes, she quickly admitted "it works better in some cities than in others." My interest piqued, I jokingly asked her "so what are you trying to say about Baltimore?"

"Oh, nothing, Baltimore isn’t nearly as bad as Boston."

"Great, I live there now. Am I the reason?"

"No, no, unless you also live in Chicago and New York – LaGuardia is the worst. I think it’s a big city thing… everyone’s so individualistic."

"But this procedure really works in other parts of the US?"

"Oh yes! All the Midwest cities board incredibly quickly. Maybe they’re more considerate or maybe they’re better at following directions – it just works."

Today, I followed the directions listed on my soup can. Baby steps...