Wednesday, January 18, 2006

phone call? must be a free recliner

Some days, you're being called by a Haitian woman looking for her Friday night dancing partner. Other days, you're getting harassed by a legal-sounding-type about someone named Alejandro. There are even days that you wish you're being called by anyone.

Today was a day that featured a phone call from our roommate, Chris, who told us about a recently- (and hastily-) vacated apartment next door. Our landlord offered us any and all of the furniture that we could carry. Steve and I hesitated only long enough to pause iTunes and get our jackets. The only trick would be carrying said furniture down three flights of the neighboring apartment and up three flights of our own building -- no small feat for two guys whose typical exercise regiment consists of a walk to and from the kitchen.

Needless to say, we got it home. It was only then that we found the instructions for "how to disassemble for easy and safe transportation." We also hadn't taken into consideration the general lack of space in our apartment, which was only highlighted by the massive grey recliner occupying a third of Steve's bedroom (and his is the big one...). There's also a degree of karmic justice at work here (yes, of course we believe in karmic justice) since Steve's beloved grey recliner from college was irreparably destroyed during our senior year. I believe the death knell sounded a lot like the vomiting of a drunk girl... no, in fact that's what caused its demise -- the vomit of a drunk girl.

The slightly soiled futon is hardly worth mentioning, let alone photographing. Fortunately, we don't get many overnight guests -- or guests, for that matter.

You never know what you're going to get when you pick up the phone, today we adopted an orphaned recliner, tomorrow... who knows?

** Note: title edited because I caught myself using a brand name -- Marketers: 1 Alexis: 0


Irina said...

Just think... when some VC starts sending you bags full of money, and you move to your river-view penthouse full of beautiful women and expensive champagne, you can reminisce back to these days with sweet fondness. :)

connor said...

You are mistaken, my friend. Steve's gray recliner currently resides in my living room (well, not so much a room as an open area). The beigey/cloth thing was the one that was destroyed.

kn0thing said...

Gah! You're right Connor... it's too late to save my already non-existent journalistic integrity... so I better just stick to my story.

As for you, Irina, despite the best efforts of some to persuade us with bags of money (yes, they even have the $ on them), we are quite comfortable in our apartment (which happens to be devoid of women, let alone beautiful ones, but does have two coronas in the fridge... no, make that one). In fact, I really ought to take a photo of the view Steve has from his desk, it's not quite a "river-view." *searching for digital camera*

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