Tuesday, October 23, 2007

redditors doodle: tuesday

Team reddit really liked this submission. Hopefully the Sesame Street folks won't sue us; their lawyers are notoriously vicious -- and have perfect spelling!

John Lund designed this homage to his favorite Sesame Street puppet, Ernie. No word on how jealous Bert is feeling right now.

John also asked me to include the following:
Shout out to the letters "C" "R" and the number "7."
I've never been a fan of "C" but I wholeheartedly support his decision to shout-out "R" (preferably in lowercase, but oh well).

Know why I like "7"? Because seven ate nine.


I hate myself for having typed that. Thanks for an otherwise great submission, John. Enjoy your 24 hours of quasi-fame on the Interwebs!