Monday, October 01, 2007

michigan government shuts down, a state's firewood supply is threatened

It took 4 question marks in today's reddit headline to properly exclaim that Michigan's government will be a.f.k. for a little while.

Scott pointed me to the helpful FAQ posted on the state's website. It addressed only the most salient and important questions Michigan residents would have.

11. Will prisoners be let out of prison?
The state's prisons will continue operating during a government shutdown.
Damn. Just when you thought you'd landed on Community Chest and picked up a "Get out of jail, free" card...

But it gets better.
12. Will firewood still be inspected at the Mackinac Bridge?
Yes, firewood will continued to be inspected at the Mackinac Bridge.
Were they really getting that overwhelmed with emails and phone calls about the safety of Mackinac Bridge firewood? Or is there something I don't know about Michigan's firewood?

Maybe it's a common place to hide escaped prisoners as they're secreted out of the state?