Monday, October 15, 2007

a new best ad ever is crowned

I thought I was clicking on an article from reddit, but what I got was a wonderful advertising experience.

The good folks at decided I needed to learn about a new Samsung phone offered from Verizon. And the kind advertisers at Verizon insisted this was "A Deal To Flip For."

They were right, it wasn't just a flip phone -- it was a dual-hinged flip phone.

It was such an exciting offer, it eclipsed the article itself. Really, I couldn't see the article, it had eclipsed it.

The animation danced and blinked, enthralling me. Even if I could have found the ad's close button, I wouldn't have clicked on it. I didn't even want to read the article anymore. Suddenly I couldn't even remember why I was on; it must have been destiny that brought me to the Samsung U740.

And for this stellar display of online advertising, I'd like to award Verizon the Best Ad Ever award. If you're following this with your fantasy league, gets an assist.

Move over, pheromones, there's a new champion.