Wednesday, October 17, 2007

as if free beer weren't enough to convince you to show up

Today's logo celebrates the aftermath of our first reddit meetup (it was an open bar).

But not unlike a miracle weight-loss ad, this "after photo" has much less of an effect without a "before photo."

(big thanks to OneInchRound for rushing us this order -- you guys rock)

We tried to hand out these limited edition commemorative "drankkit" pins to as many redditors as we could last night. If we missed you, sorry, you'll just have to track us down at one of our later stops.

Or, if flying across the country just for two hours of an open bar and a pin doesn't seem worth it, email me and prove you were in attendance: describe no fewer than ten web 2.0 startup pitches you heard.

They're only to be awarded to folks willing to come out for our sugar-daddy-Wired's open bar event -- the last eBay auction I saw had them going for ~$75 each. That's geek for $75 worth of bacon.

Just think of what would happen if we handed out pins and stickers everywhere went.