Friday, October 19, 2007

oct 22-26: redditors doodle the logo week

I have a pretty awesome job. Frankly, it's kinda absurd. According to the CondéNet org chart, I'm technically a "product manager." This is a curious title for me, as I much prefer "cofounder." Furthermore, we've never really been a company with much of an organizational hierarchy. Hell, there's never been more than 4 of us.

It'd be a pretty pathetic org chart.

But my favorite job has always been doodling the reddit logo. After two years, there have been a lot of logos. Yep, I totally ripped Google off. Only on reddit it's taken to an extreme, we won't do it just for holidays -- it's much more random than that.

Despite all that freedom, I still managed to run out of ideas. Fortunately, redditors contributed some great suggestions, which became parts of an epic logo series.

And now here I am still looking to get out of doodling the logo next week.

I recently got an email that reminded me just how expendable I am:

I've had this taped to my home office wall for many months. My
youngest son liked the alien on my Mac OS X dock (where he saw it as
my icon for Adium...thanks for that!). So here I present what he
drew when he was 4 (he is now 5 and has moved to copying the
characters in his Pokemon book)...

by Will.

BTW, he calls him "cute guy."


// tim
Will's drawing absolutely made my day. Not only did I want to showcase his talent in today's logo, I wanted to give other artists the chance to try their hand at doodling next week's logos.

So if you can work some magic within a 120x40 pixel .png file, email me over the weekend with your take on the reddit logo and I'll put the first 5 I get best 5 (as selected by our distinguished judges) online over the next 5 days starting Monday. Don't worry, you needn't be a Monet or a Lichtenstein -- just don't be a Kinkade.

I'll also do a quick blurb on my blog for each logo, which you can use to plug whatever you want.

Here are the quick n' dirty requirements:
  • 120x40px .png file
  • the word "reddit" should be visible
  • creature vaguely resembling the reddit alien
  • brief description for me to post along with your personal shout-outs and/or self-promotion