Tuesday, October 23, 2007

welcome to the fakebook

Speaking of facebook, I've inadvertently friended a spammer.

(No, it's not Jason Calacanis.)

Allie Dimeco seemed like a plausible enough name, but it looks like he/she was too busy giving out free drinks (the facebook app she's spamming) to come up with an original facebook photo. Allie ganked the pic from a real girl, who even called her out on her wall. That's gotta be awkward.

Assuming these two girls are not identical twins who happen to also take identical photos, one of the two is a fake. I'm going to take Lindsay's side.As disheartening as this is, it's my first encounter with a genuine facebook spammer. Looks like it's time to start getting vigilant about facebook friendships. But how will I know if it's the real Natalie Portman trying to friend me??

I wonder how much longer until we hit a MySpace-esque critical mass of spammers...

I had a MySpace account long enough to regularly get friended by "Tiffany," a blond with glamor-shot profile pic and purportedly "awesome" webcam.

I hear she now has her own Justin.tv channel.