Monday, October 08, 2007

job insecurity

So with Steve and I occupied in massive beer halls filled with Germans singing Jon Denver's "Take Me Home, Country Roads" (nothing like hearing "Vest Virginia, mountain mama" as an Oktoberfest drinking song) Jeremy asked about uploading a logo of his own.

Always one to hand off work to a friend, I happily agreed.

I think he really captured spez's fondness for drink combined his appetite for learning.

Once Monday dawned and I sobered up, something needed to be done. I dusted off my touchpad and doodled a logo to celebrate the end of Oktoberfest and mourn all those braincells.

But then I got an IM from Jeremy telling me that there were more logos on the way. Keep in mind it was 4:50AM in Munich when I got this message, so I was ready to agree to anything if it meant going to sleep. Even if it meant there'd be an entire reddit logo series orchestrated and created by Jeremy (and probably Chris, too). All without any help from me.

This must be how my VCR felt.

Looks like I'd better start updating my resume.