Monday, October 15, 2007

blog entry written, logo doodled, environment saved

I got an email back in August from Collis Ta'eed about something called Blog Action Day:

The premise is that if thousands of bloggers all publish on the same day, on the same issue we can make a difference in the conversation on the internet for that day.
I was skeptical to say the least, and told him so in my reply. That said, I also told him I wouldn't mind doodling a reddit logo that vaguely referenced saving the environment and wrote something in my personal blog about whether or not this would actually work.

After all, I really do like this planet and I'd made reddit logo doodles for even more frivolous things, so I figured why not. It all seemed like the perfect bit of passive-activism to make my heart grow a few sizes larger.

He probably didn't expect something like this for a logo, but I had to wrap up the storyline that Jeremy started. Redditors will not tolerate plot holes. All I needed to do was get my head lopped off so that a higher power could intervene.

Inquisitive readers will question why an obviously Sith reddit alien (hence the Force lightning) would be saving the world. Perhaps it's only to do some unspeakable evil to it, but there's no denying the reddit alien wants to help the environment. Darth Jeremy and Darth Chris don't recycle.

Well, thanks to some reporting over at Wired (remember, we now have the same parent company) I learned this isn't exactly a grassroots-dot-org-style movement. Sorry to say it, but I didn't know this until it was told to me during the interview. This PR stunt isn't just for mother nature (although she's had a serious image problem after Katrina) Ta'eed also runs a for-profit website hosting startup. Yet Blog Action Day is being sold as a not-for-profit and is, after all, a dot-org. Does this undermine the lofty idea? Or should I just go back to doodling aliens?

There are a number of participating sites I respect (like Lifehacker) and organizations I wish I could respect more, like the United Nations. The Day has obviously caught on. Will it make a difference? Or are we all just marketing pawns?

There. Phew. I've done my part -- how about YOU? (See? No one likes that person.)

Just watch us find out later that had we all just turned off our computers and went out for a walk, we'd have done more good for the environment...