Friday, October 26, 2007

redditors doodle: friday

Well, I let redditors doodle the logo for this entire week and still no pink slip. I'd call that a success. Our final submission of the week was actually the first we received (bonus points for pro-activeness) -- from R Stevens. No first name, very mysterious. But who can complain about someone who submits a pixel-art logo?

R was going to plug XKCD, but figured it would be frivolous considering everyone reading this blog (and reddit) would already have Randall Munroe altars in their bedrooms. I know I do. So instead...
I draw DS every day and Red Robot shows up a lot:

Exploding Dog's the guy I share Red with:

Scary Go Round uses Red sometimes to great effect:

...and Octopus Pie is pretty much the best new comic of 2007:
Quite the webcomic grouphug.

And did I mention that he sells shirts like this?
Be careful, R, once we start breeding with the robots, they're going to become even less discernible from humans. We don't want that kind of a future. At least we know what they dream of -- that means we can destroy them.

But in the meantime, a little harmless (read: safe) fun with a robot can't be too dangerous, right? I thus have no choice but to endorse your t-shirt.

And with that, Do-It-Yourself reddit alien week has ended and we (me in particular) would like to thank all of you who submitted. You've done wonders for my workload ;-)

The five of you who were selected will be receiving an email from me with instructions on how to receive your obligatory complimentary reddit shirt.