Wednesday, October 10, 2007

eat like a startup founder: free thai iced tea/coffee with some great pad thai

Once we got our angel funding, eating out became a much more routine experience for us. We finally got back up to our old belt sizes. One of the places we loved most for grub was Benjapon's, near Davis Square (the greatest of squares, despite not actually being a square).

Steve and I (often with Justin and Emmett) would visit regularly. This was after kiko sold, but before launched, so they had a lot of free time (the 4 of us beat X-Men Legends). Anyway, Steve was a big fan of their pad thai; I usually stuck with the pad thai, but also switched between the drunken noodles and assorted curries. None disappointed. We really love this place. It's hard not to, everyone there is wicked friendly.

(Can you tell I've never written a restaurant review?)

FULL-DISCLOSURE: Neither Steve nor I am Thai, but we know yummy Thai food when we taste it.

Anyway, I've tried to keep in touch with the owner (guess what her name is) since we moved away last year (OK, I'll tell you, it's Benjapon). Since I know most of you are probably money-conscious startup founders in the Cambridge area, I thought it'd be worth mentioning her restaurant "startup" (not in the Paul Graham-sian sense of the word, but a startup nonetheless). Then I thought I could sweeten the deal by offering to pay for your thai iced tea or coffee (get it? They're sweet).

I suggested it in a recent email and she took me up on the offer. So if you order from Benjapon's this month and say "reddit sent you," I'll pay for your drink.

Hurry, before it gets any colder ;-) you'll just want that warm Thai food even more (yes, they deliver).