Monday, October 29, 2007

we're number twenty-one!

In a shameless effort to drive traffic to (universities get more revenue from AdSense than alumni donations these days) some researchers in the Carnegie Mellon CS department calculated which blogs were the best sources of the freshest content. They probably hoped that every site on the list would write about (and link to) the findings.

Well done, Mellons. I'll bite.

Using a bunch of math words, they describe their process, but the results are here. As you no doubt guessed from the title, reddit came in at #21.

Considering reddit is the place where lots of this new content gets discovered, not created, I was a little surprised to see it ranked so high. That said, we also just barely edged out #22, the widely-read Soccer Dad blog. But don't click on that link! We can't let him pull ahead.

These findings are just the thing to get the team motivated this week, as the #20 spot is being held by our longtime rival, The Jawa Report. Once those Jawas started blogging, the Internet really jumped the shark. Back to Tatooine, you scavenger scum!