Wednesday, October 17, 2007

valleywag mocks: reddit sf meetup officially a success

It's a little known fact that Justin was just like this long before Steve Huffman never used to carry him so lovingly, though.

I warned friends that I'd lose my job if Valleywag didn't cover our open bar meetup last night. I even considered telling them Julia Allison would be in attendance.

But they wrote about it anyway. Suckers...

Although I wish there had been a bit more snark, the photos they took are much better than my flickr set (tagged "reddit-sf-meetup" if you'd like to share your own). Same pics on facebook, too.

The event last night was by our measure a success -- much free beer was consumed and we got to meet a bunch of redditors. We even had a spammer show up. That must have meant our event was worth spamming. I've been told that in SF, this is one of the highest compliments you can get.

Thanks to all of you who showed up. And for not getting into any brawls. No one wants to see geeks fight in real life. Especially drunk.

Oh, and it was a treat seeing a few diggers in attendance. There are some reddit shirts being mailed to them right this moment.

**Big thanks to Kristen for taking all of the above flickr photos.