Thursday, October 04, 2007

spotting the cheney-mobile

I had no idea the VP drove himself into work, but there I was circling D.C., when I came upon this tricked out ride. Fortunately, I had my digital camera on me and was able to snap this picture through my windshield without endangering any other motorists. Never had Dick pegged as a Camaro-guy, but what do I know?

The quality still is pretty poor, so you'll want to zoom in to try and make out the collection of bumper stickers (e.g., "Reaganite," "Proud member of the vast right wing conspiracy," and "Right wing extremist"... there's also another one that has the word "Peace" in it, but I suspect it's only to setup a joke).

This photo could also be my ticket to Gitmo, so if this is indeed my last blog entry, let me confess something: I didn't really like 300, but it was pretty, and it had that catchy theme song combined with quotable lines best recited while screaming. I couldn't help myself.

Oh, and I actually do still laugh at lolcats -- or lolanything, really.

And finally, I visit cuteoverload as often as I visit reddit, which is a lot.