Friday, November 02, 2007

boston meetup a success, paper-maché alien head destroyed

Valleywag was quite helpful mocking promoting the SF party. We hoped someone would be interested in mocking -- or at least writing about -- us in Boston as well, especially once they saw my outfit.

It just so happened that a journalist we met at CNet, Candace Lombardi, lived only a few blocks away from The Burren and our homecoming meetup. The allure of free beer was too tempting.

She arrived at the party with a camera, chatted with a few redditors, and snapped a picture of my attempt at a reddit alien costume.

The photo even made it onto the CNet blogs and somewhere the French guy who invented papier-mâché rolled over in his grave. And then surrendered. Thanks Candace, my parents were quite proud.

Admittedly, it was nice to wear a new costume instead of reusing the same Jack Sparrow outfit from our first Halloween and our second (which was a real treat).

Here are the photos on facebook. Flickr just isn't quite cool enough (and I've hit my upload limit, but don't have any incentive to pay for more space while it's free [and tag-able!] on facebook). You won't find any proof in the photos, but Randall and Davean from XKCD were indeed in attendance (in Randall and Davean costumes, respectively). We were in geek awe. No word on whether or not it will one day become a comic.

It's been great meeting redditors at the last two events (thanks for the Jager!) -- two of our all-stars, smacfarl and anonymgrl were even in attendance. Thanks to everyone for coming out, though, even those of you who couldn't tell what I was dressed as ;-)

In a symbolic gesture, we abandoned my melted and decrepit alien head on the roof of our old Davis Square apartment. I'd wanted to light it on fire like the funeral pyre in Return of the Jedi, but decided against it after someone reminded me how much that scene sucked in the remake. That, and Steve was worried the roof would catch fire.