Friday, November 02, 2007

q&a with team reddit at [today's] new york meetup

We arrived in NY a couple nights ago to a hotel where the toilets flush powerfully enough to send a softball-sized object into low earth orbit. It's kinda scary, really.

The alien costume didn't make the trip; that's really for the best. (Bonus: HowTo make your own paper-maché alien head, but not guarantee it will survive a night of drinking -- coming soon)

Tonight is our New York open bar meetup. And it has been confirmed that Julia Allison will be attending. Gawker has been notified.

Oh, and you'll want to show up by around 9pm if you want to catch the Q&A we'll be having with team reddit. Think of it as your chance to ask all those questions you've never had the nerve to write in feedback email, only this time it will be after two hours of free booze and in the middle of a crowded (hopefully) bar.

What could go wrong? Hopefully some good YouTube material will come out of all this.