Monday, November 26, 2007

reddit & olpc: working together to create the next generation of redditors

Looks like pi3832 beat me to it, but we're finally running our reddit/OLPC ads. And no, we don't really care if those kids actually use reddit on their XO laptops. We all know what they're going to Google first anyway ;-)

We made some friends in Boston who are working on the One Laptop Per Child project. It's an extremely ambitious one, getting cheap but powerful laptops in the hands of children across the world, but there's a talented group of people working to make it happen.

We're big fans of the project, so I approached them about making and running an ad for their Give One, Get One campaign. Hopefully the reddit alien can convince you to get your own cute green laptop (and in the process donate one to a child in a developing nation) -- you've now got until the end of the year to participate.