Wednesday, November 07, 2007

detroit drankkit

Well, we learned from the Detroit redditors that most people don't actually come into downtown Detroit to meetup. Learn something new every day...

Despite that, a great group of courageous redditors came down for the free booze. Just about all of them made it into the group-pic this time; they'll forever be immortalized as a few blurry pixels on the reddit logo. (A few more photos here) It was a treat to be able to actually sit down during this event and have a long chat with folks. Thanks to all of you who braved the cold (although I guess you're used to it by now) to meet up.

(If we keep doing these meetups, I'll never need to doodle another alien logo!)

Since we had the same budget for Detroit as we did Boston, we thought it'd be prudent to "drop some Dom" on the event.

Shawn Smith snapped a pic of the decadence, so here's my chance to plug his site, New Media Bytes (you may soon find an interview there with a remarkably sober Steve and me). Hopefully we can get the folks over at Cristal jealous and make them fight over which drink will become the official crunkjuice of

Much to our dismay, Eminem did not show up.