Thursday, November 08, 2007

become an official "facebook fan" of reddit

As facebook slides closer toward the spam-hell that is MySpace, I'm proud to mention that we now have a reddit brand page on facebook. Hmm, maybe "proud" isn't the right word...

There's not much going on there at the moment, but with a little bit of love and attention, it could become a worthwhile destination. In the meantime, we promise not to spam you.

I consider it a pleasant alternative to the "reddit alien" account I tried to create, which was disabled for what I perceive to be xenophobic reasons. They forced me to rename "reddit alien" to "Alexis Ohanian," which ought to explain why the real me appears to be married to myself.

Now hopefully the friends of the reddit alien can just switch over to becoming "fans of reddit." Just like your favorite band, only significantly less cool.