Tuesday, November 06, 2007

canadians drankkit, like champs

Wow. There weren't nearly as many people at this Toronto meetup as there were in SF, Boston, or New York, but they certainly drank enough to make up for it.At some point during the night, I promised the guys I'd take one of the event photos and turn it into today's logo to commemorate this monumental event -- the only stop scheduled for our "world" tour.

We've gotten to meet 4 of our super-redditors (top 10 and long-timers at that) on this drankkit tour. I'd gotten the chance to meet noname99 back in NY a few months ago, but it was great introducing him to Steve. And then hearing him say how much he was looking forward to tags. Hehe.

This was the best group pic of the night, so I thought it'd be an even better logo.

Change the logo in the middle of the day? Sure. That's the kind of power I have. I had to do a bit of photoshopping to get a few heads into the frame, but you could probably already tell from the pixels.

One intrepid redditor/journalist, Jordan Yerman, even documented the event on NowPublic. Thanks, Jordan, and thanks to all of you who came out.

Everyone was quite courteous, insisting that each team reddit member drink 3 shots for every 1 shot they had. I still affirm that shots of tequila are to be taken with salt and a lime, not a lemon. That was probably the biggest dose of culture shock on the trip.

Oh yes, your beer is better than ours. Your jager-bombs are also tasty, but comparable to ours. Maybe we really should have picked up some citizenship papers.

Unfortunately, we only had a day in Toronto. We'll have to come back, but now we're on our way to Detroit. We'll see if it is indeed a rock city.

I still haven't gotten an answer for why they're called the Toronto Maple Leafs and not Leaves. Hmpf. +5,000 points to whomever can explain this one to me...