Wednesday, November 14, 2007

reddit alien has been returned, decapitated, but returned nonetheless

We got a great surprise two nights ago at Steve's birthday dinner.

Just when a Google Search for "lost alien" turned up my Craigslist post as the #2 result, we were reunited with our little bobbleheaded friend.Seemingly out of nowhere, the waiter handed Steve the two pieces of our mascot. We rejoiced.But how did the alien make it back to us in time for Steve's birthday?

After it first got alien-napped and we discovered a photo presumably taken by the napper, I forwarded the tip I got from Andrew earlier in the week to Rajiv, a friend of ours here at Condé who "solves problems." He wouldn't tell us how, but he swore he'd get the alien back.

I'm not sure how it happened, but the alien was definitely returned (although the head was no longer attached -- a little epoxy will solve that problem). I'd like to thank Michael Galpert for bringing back this bobblehead we're eventually going to blow up. It's silly, I know, but we've still got a few more photos to take with the alien. It still hasn't visited South East DC. There's so much left to live (bobble) for.

I have a feeling more are on the way; there's definitely some reddit schwag heading your way, MSG. Thanks again, dude.