Monday, November 12, 2007

happy birthday, spez! (not!)

Steve is turning 17 today!

Or 24?

Instead of honoring him with a reddit logo (like Jeremy and Chris) I gave a shoutout to One Laptop per Child for starting their Give One Get One campaign. Does that make me a terrible friend? (Probably)

It only seemed fair since Steve told me about this campaign in the first place. That, and he claims his reddit avatar no longer looks anything like him.

Lisp book? Glasses? Naked?

Maybe he's got a point. But that's what he gets for being the first to become alien-ized.

Back to the plug:

For one time only, lucky USA/Canadian startup founders like me can buy an XO laptop and simultaneously donate one. I plan on keeping mine around the reddit office for Steve to hack. I wonder how much it would've cost to get loaded as the default homepage...


Seriously though, look how adorable this laptop is. To think it will no doubt be first used to Google "sex"...

Wouldn't it feel good to know that your donation had contributed to that epiphany?