Sunday, September 16, 2007

threat level rising

Run! Hide! Threat Level has hit a new high -- the blog, not the frivolous approval rating adjuster pictured to the left. This Wired blog (admittedly one of my favorites) hit 1 million pageviews last month. And deservedly so. It's a damn fine blog.

I also happen to be a friend of Ryan Singel (full disclosure is how I roll), so don't take my biased word for it. Read the blog for yourself.

If for some reason your AdBlock isn't on, you've likely noticed the house ads we run on reddit as we ramp up with advertisers. As a fan of variety, I wanted to design a house ad for Threat Level. The idea struck me as I was getting on the B train one night, fortunately I had my trusty notebook handy to jot it down.

Despite how easy it is to get all the parts you'd need for an LED Mooninite, things appear to have calmed down in our old town. Or maybe the Boston bomb squad got the memo about Mooninites and LEDs. Either way, I suspect this ad helped a few folks keep up with privacy, security, and crime online. And that's a good thing.