Friday, September 28, 2007

ziitrend is on to something

Techcrunch recently covered a hot new web 2.0 startup called ZiiTrend. At first glance, it may appear to be another Inkling Markets, but it has a twist.

DISCLAIMER: So you can't accuse me of "pulling an Arrington", let me say that I'm friends with the Inkling Markets guys (they're also YC alums). In fact, I've been a friend ever since they launched -- over a year ago.

Back to ZiiTrend, I really like their logo. I've been harping on the Inklings to get a more futuristic-looking mascot since day one.C'mon guys.

ZiiTrend doesn't have this problem.In fact, I think they have fantastic taste in mascot design. I would have made the eyes a bit bigger, though. People like things with big eyes -- like babies, puppies, and cuttlefishes.