Wednesday, September 05, 2007

romantic french polar bears sell vodka, apparently

I found this gem while picking up old boxes from the neighborhood liquor store (I'm moving, not cardboard-obsessed). I can't believe I've never tried this vodka. Man, those French really know how to sell some liquor.

Jacque: "We need something, ehh, bold, for our new vodka brand."

Pierre: "Per'aps we should try polar bears."

Jacque: "No, no, you fool, those are godless creatures with souls as cold as the climate in which they live."

Pierre: "Pizzly bears?"

Jacque: "I would fire you, Pierre, but you know that would be against the law. Instead, let's go get lunch."

[[4 hours later]]

Pierre: "What if the bears were cuddling?"

Jacque: "Clumsily falling over one another like awkward, Balinoff vodka-enriched college co-eds?"

Pierre: "Oui!"

Jacque: "Great. It's already 4pm anyway, let's go 'ome."

-- fin --

8 bonus points to anyone who has actually tried this stuff and can confirm that this vodka lives up to its box's awesomeness -- that's what blog comments are for.