Thursday, September 27, 2007

fuck you, senator lieberman

WARNING: This entry has been rated unsuitable for children under 17.

And you thought I hit a new low with the taxi snapshot. Yesterday was a busy day on reddit, while users discussed the ramifications of Lieberman-Kyl’s Iran amendment passing, a self-post surged up the hot page.

Tell Reddit: Fuck You, Lieberman

You've got admit, it was to the point. As it floated up around the top 10, I decided it was time to take action. If reddit tells me to do something, I'm powerless to resist.

So I called Senator Lieberman and passed along the message. Even his voicemail message sounded insipid as he stumbled over a few words (don't they at least do a couple takes so it sounds crisp -- or at least so it doesn't sound like a parody?).

Anyway, I also wanted to illustrate a seductive effect of this social news movement. This power to affect the news is an tempting substitute for real action. Why leave they keyboard now that you’ve voted an important story up?

I'm certainly not the first to raise this concern (Colbert did a much better job with his The Word, Solitarity) but thought it was worth reiterating -- even though I don't have a solution. Maybe The Guardian will let me write another op-ed about it. I'll probably need a solution first...

I've also always wanted to say "fuck you" to a politician's voicemail. Woo-hoo.

Wait a tick, by blogging about this, I've only perpetuated it. Gah!