Thursday, September 27, 2007

posterboys for yc? (emphasis on boys)

This has been a good week for reddit in the media. Not only am I allowed to get on my soapbox for 500 words in the Guardian's Comment is Free, but BusinessWeek is also running a story on the Y Combinator copycats (I've always wondered about the etymology of "copycat"). A complement to this piece was a brief write-up of the reddit history.

Ahh, nothing like a hearty dose of reddit nostalgia and a big YC hug. I was tickled to see this quote in the article:

Ohanian says it took several months to convince Huffman that "he didn't want to take the very appealing job close to his girlfriend back in Virginia, and to instead try living with me in near-poverty for some indefinite period of time."
Couldn't have done it without you, Steve (thanks for letting me borrow him, Katie).

But I think I was most pleased with the use of that picture from our first month out of school (I think Steve and I were 21 and 22, respectively). Can you tell?

*I also don't know who the photo credit goes to, but I believe it's Trevor Blackwell. Sorry you didn't get any props in the article, Trevor; hopefully mine will suffice.