Tuesday, September 04, 2007

squelching rumors of a cuttlefish-based startup

I was surprised by more than a few inquiries about "my next startup" after it was mentioned in Saturday's entry.

In case you missed it:

I was diligently researching for my next startup last night and came across an entry on The Free Dictionary.
Not that I don't appreciate the wholly undeserved attention on my startup ambitions (I am, after all, an only child) -- I just figured folks would click on the link and appreciate the reference (hint: it was a link to an entry on cuttlefish).

But really, you'd think Valleywag would have at least mentioned it. They'll report anything.

As a preemptive measure against these ruinous rumors, let me be clear: I am not -- nor am I planning on -- doing a cuttefish-based startup.

Nevertheless, I remain a devout supporter of the cuttlefish movement. My activism doesn't stop with promoting the cuttlefish cause; I've also followed the virtuous example of the Marriott Corporation and added a recycle logo to my blog header. It's not because I recycle old blog content.

Hello, world. Prepare to be changed.