Sunday, September 30, 2007

sherri "world is flat" shepherd gets a thank you from a chicago schoolteacher

As part of my commitment to deliver the highest quality of reporting, I wanted to give this update on my Sherri Shepherd project. She was widely mocked after telling the audience of The View that she didn't know if the world was flat -- not only that, she "never thought about it."

In light of Ms. South Carolina's recently solution for helping American schoolchildren find the USA on a map, I knew the real fix for all our educational failings was simple: globes.

So in Sherri Shepherd's name, I donated a globe and "hands-on mapping activities" to her hometown of Chicago through DonorsChoose. They even let me email Mrs. Shepherd with a message:

Dear Mrs. Shepherd,

Mr. Ohanian has funded a proposal at in your honor and wrote you this message:

Mrs. Shepherd, I felt so guilty watching the clip of you on The View that I was compelled to donate a globe (and geography kit) to your hometown. The world is indeed round. I hope no other school children in Chicago have to grow up thinking otherwise. best wishes, Alexis
One of the nice parts of DonorsChoose is that the teachers whose projects you fund will likely email you directly with a brief not of appreciation. It's a nice touch. I just got the CC of what Mrs. Shepherd received:
Dear Mrs. Shepherd,

Thank you so much for funding our classroom with Mapping Our Way To The World! I know that my students will be so excited to receive our new materials and start learning about the world all around them. I hope you will enjoy reading our thank you letters! Thanks again, [redacted]
So far, no response from Sherri Shepherd.