Monday, September 03, 2007

judging a book by its cover

I enjoy local bookstores for the obvious reasons: the nerdy patrons, the chance to say that I support local bookstores, and to ogle book covers.

The last one is probably just pseudo-designer part of me that likes quietly judging these illustrations that the old adage demands we ignore.

A week ago, a particular book cover caught my eye: The World Without Us. It even appeared on reddit a few days ago and it's apparently been selling quite well (undoubtedly because of the slick cover). It turned out the stuff inside the book was pretty interesting, too, but I did really like the cover art.In fact, I liked this design so much that I bought a shirt with it about a year ago from Threadless. Well, kinda (mine is orange). Here's what it looks like.And now I'm confused.
What do you think? It could just be a coincidence (in fact, it probably is) and even if it's not, we all need inspiration, right?I just want to see André da Silva Cruz (the designer of the above shirt) get recognized for his labor (or maybe just some "props" for having come up with the general idea first) -- after all, today seems like an appropriate day for it.

Either way, at least now I finally have a matching shirt and book.

UPDATE: My intention was not to start a witch-hunt. I just hoped a few people would buy André's shirt (the aforementioned "props"). And maybe a few others would buy the book, too, since it goes so well with the shirt. Just try to finish the book within a few days or your friends/co-workers will start worrying about your hygiene.