Saturday, February 03, 2007

mooninite on reddit? somebody set up us the bomb!

*Disclaimer: Before you go and phone your local homeland security office, this sinister image was all part of reddit's regularly scheduled logo doodles. Please do not be alarmed, the Mooninites have been treating us well.

You’ve likely already read all about the terror scare in Boston surrounding some Lite-brite Mooninites they strung up around the city. A couple weeks go by and a few folks get spooked by these "sinister" signs. The two suspects were arrested for the bomb scare that resulted from officials taking this advertising campaign for Aqua Teen Hunger Force a bit too seriously. Although, getting to hear local news anchors try to describe the show and its characters ("a talking milkshake, fries, and meatball") almost made it all worthwhile.

Under the advice of their lawyer, the accused did not discuss the case at their press conference, choosing instead to discuss hair.

+13 points to those two for illustrating how absurd this whole story quickly became.


Chris said...

the links aren't working

kn0thing said...

Gah, you're right. Damn curly quotes...

Thanks, they should be fixed.

TTV Team said...

Hey, you'd better blur out that mooninite's middle finger. Someone might get offended by those two pixels!