Sunday, February 04, 2007

adium duck, meet reddit alien

A big congrats to the Adium team on the release of 1.0!

Steve turned me onto Adium shortly after he convinced me to finally get a Mac, the 12" powerbook I still use to this day (I'm writing this very blog entry on it). Sure, the tabbed chat windows, sleek interface, and multiple IM client integration were appealing, but I was hooked once I learned that I could create/download custom dock icons.

Enter the reddit alien dock icon.

(That's what it looks like when you're messaged -- a highly excitable creature, I must say)

I'm proud to say that it's actually one of the top rated dock icons. Sure, I'd love it if you download it and vote it up, but feel free to just vote it down if you'd prefer to just put it back in its place.

Granted, you'll need OS X for it, but Adium alone just might be worth upgrading (or finally vanquishing that old Windows box, if that's the case). Anyway, we at reddit just wanted to publicly thank the Adium team for all the work they've put in over the years keeping their software great.


marc said...

Awesome work, I love the oh-so-sexy Adium duck and your cute Alien.

kn0thing said...

If only those two could reproduce...