Thursday, April 05, 2007

visiting somerville this saturday? of course not. but you're missing an open house

We had to vacate our beloved Davis Sq. apartment pretty quickly after we sold reddit, so we left all of our "furniture" behind. I type "furniture" because it's not exactly a collection you'd probably want to furnish your home with unless you were a few cheap recent college-grad startup founders. Nevertheless, we're trying to find a home for all of it so it doesn't end up in the dumpster. I'm going to be back at 265 Elm St., Somerville, MA (a block from the Davis T stop) this Saturday, April 7th, from noon to 4pm. Steve and I need to get rid of all our stuff, so we're asking that you name your price for everything.

We don't want the money, though, any cash we collect is going to be donated to the Brain Tumor Society. We hate brain tumors.

Steve's not going to be there, but you could be the proud owner of the cheap table he used to write reddit on, or the recliner he napped on! We've also got a fine street sofa that Chris, Steve, and I carried up three flights of stairs with the alcohol-enhanced strength from a long night at People's Republik (yes, the same sofa that newly Internet-famous Justin Kan used to pass out on covered in Sharpie). OK, so it's just the same crummy furniture you'd find at any open house. But I plan on having some beer there, too.

Anyway, it'd be nice to see some of our friends from the Boston startup scene, since we left too quickly to have a final rooftop party (maybe that was for the best...)

And to prove that I'm serious, I even put up a craigslist ad.


TTV Team said...

This is by far the least sketchy Craigslist post I have ever seen.

alexis [kn0thing] said...

It's probably the giant alien. If only more personal ads used it, I think there'd be a lot more love in this world.