Thursday, April 12, 2007

pierre would be so proud

Steve surprised me with a link yesterday to a site called Octopz. Some of you may remember that we'd considered calling reddit "octopop". (The site would ironically have more than 8 popular articles on the front page.) As you know, we stuck with reddit, but we developed an affinity for all sites named octo-anything.

But not only is this startup -- which I know absoutely nothing else about -- named Octopz, it's also got an octopus for mascot.

They've undoubtedly learned from the lessons of Pierre Francois, one of the most talented web-designers/visionaries of our day. Behold his work:

As mascots go, subclass Coleoidea is so hot right now. And for those of you who are unfamiliar with Pierre, do yourself the favor of setting aside the 17 minutes to watch this and bask in his genius.


self said...

That video was amusing. Make more! I mean, er, film more!

Antonio Santos said...

Does't know it! And now the secondo brsilian social network is using this URL. Have you guys see toctopop logo? I made it and I'm very proud of it. My page there: