Sunday, April 22, 2007

out of ideas? whip out the over-whipped web 2.0 whipping boy

This is overdue, I know, especially considering today is Earth Day.

Someone (I forget who) a long time ago (I forget when) suggested (I forget how sarcastically) that I explain the rationale behind the doodles in this blog, since I don't do much else with it.

It was another Monday and -- even after the second cup of Flavia -- the ideas weren't coming. Much easier than thinking, I decided instead to rely on a time-tested standard: picking on web 2.0 design trends.

Convenientally, it also proves that, yes, I am capable of creating a reflection in Illustrator.

Granted, the reflection is a nice start, but it needed some blue -- web 2.0 blue.

Now with starburst! The alien is clearly dismayed.

I don't know where the alien got that ray gun.

This wasn't how I'd planned on ending the week (I really ought to start thinking these things through) but Kurt Vonnegut's death on Thursday pushed me toward this Slaughterhouse 5 homage (although I feel sort of dirty calling it a "homage").

He has long been one of my favorite authors. Although in hindsight, I suspect he would have been at the very worst appalled and at the very best disappointed with being remembered in a website logo.

You will be missed, Mr. Vonnegut, but so it goes.


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