Sunday, April 08, 2007

craigslist proves its worth [yet again], reddit open house a success

Well, we got rid of almost everything (and made $110 for TBTS in the process). There are still a couple futons and a computer chair left, but I was quite pleased to see that we helped furnish the homes of as many folks as we did. A top-10 redditor even dropped by and left with a few new (old) things. No karma-for-cash was exchanged in the process, don't worry.

He also had some good ideas for reddit's future, with the kind of perspective that the four of us on the "inside" could never have. Maybe we should do this sort of thing more often. We don't have enough furniture to do it again, but perhaps a bar/restaurant would be a more suitable location... or hell, maybe the Wired offices...

Since planning this sort of thing doesn't involve any programming, I guess it's my responsibility. Stay tuned.

A big thanks to everyone who turned out (or couldn't, but still sent an email lamenting not being able to make it to lovely Somerville, MA). I've gone ahead and matched the $110 we raised, which I donated to TBTS just a few seconds ago. Brain cancer's days are numbered.