Tuesday, April 24, 2007

octopart - if you're not omniscient, it's the only way to search for electronic parts

Seriously, this is a fantastic site. And not just because it eliminates the need for all those titanic part catalogs. Anything that's still being done with phonebook-sized tomes -- especially in the tech world -- is long overdue for an technical solution. Granted, I've never actually used Octopart, since I don't ever need to buy electronic parts (due to ogrish hands and a morbid fear of soldering irons) but Chris (KeyserSosa) Slowe has -- and says Octopart is quite useful.

But maybe the praise of an experimental atomic physicist isn't good enough for you. Sure, he's a "scientist", but what would a bona fide electrical engineer think about the site? Well, Chris happened to pass the URL along to one (I think they must all have a secret network, for breeding purposes). The EE was quite impressed with the price comparisons and the extensive results on keying in an obscure mfg number -- all this only two days after the site had launched. +10 points for impressing an engineer and a scientist in the same day.

If you've been putting off building your own LED Mooninite, the wait is over.

And when you're giving your first press conference to discuss hair (after the court hearing), consider giving a shoutout to the gradstudents who started Octopart.

PS. +6 bonus points if you can tell what kind of schematic that is in the background of the logo.


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