Tuesday, April 17, 2007

going soft? add bees!

I chose to welcome spring this year with a daffodil (harder to draw than you'd think).

Following that, I began receiving a few emails saying that I was going soft. It was apparent that folks missed seeing the alien get tricked, injured, and generally abused. Everyone likes an underdog, I guess.

The guys came up with a great April Fool's prank, which censored swaths of the site's text. So I needed something the following day to really convince folks that the doodles were losing their edge.

To do so, I couldn't hold anything back. I don't know much about flowers, or even plants, but I know that they don't get much more harmless. They aren't carnivorous, they aren't very scary looking, I don't even know if they do photosynthesis -- god forbid they consume a bit of sunlight, carbon dioxide, and water. Still need proof? Just do a Google image search for daisy (but make sure SafeSearch is on, because things change dramatically by page 2). What could be less threatening?
Enter the lone bee, bumbling along.

See kids, there's a lesson in every reddit doodle: don't pick flowers. The bees need to have sex with them.
The bee felt a bit slighted, so naturally it returned with a swarm. Again, just like in real life.
And not to leave anything out from this biology lesson, I even took the time to include the stingerless & disemboweled bee carcasses littered on the ground.

The moral of this week's logo doodles? Never go outside -- ever.