Wednesday, April 25, 2007

wufoo? it builds forms -- duhh

Building forms -- even unattractive and hard-to-use ones -- is an epic pain the ass. Even I know that (my first and only attempt at writing a Lisp web app was a very broken form). Just writing the HTML for one is mind-numbing. Enter Wufoo.

Making a slick form is absurdly easy. Plus, it's got stat tracking and an activity log baked right in. They've also just turned on some mobile-friendly tools so you can keep track of activity wherever you are (+3 points for showing the OCDs some love).

And did I mention they have a mascot? And it's from the past!

Yes, it's a website with a T-rex for a mascot: +10 points for mascot and an extra +7 for the anachronism-factor.

Wufoo also apparently picked up some awards at the recent Under the Radar Conference -- undoubtedly because of their mascot choice.

*an epic tip of the hat to Matt Knox