Monday, April 14, 2008

reddit karma as whuffie?

Thanks to some prompt emails from Jeremy and Tony (of RescueTime) alerting me to this ripe hunk of reddit-love, I effortlessly composed this entry. In the recent announcement of the Business of Software 2008 (it's September 3-4 in Boston).

Here's the best part of the lineup announcement:

Joel Spolsky, aka, "me," noted DJ, has over 600 karma points on the social news site "Reddit."
That's right, of all his accomplishments, Joel has decided to highlight his reddit karma score in his bio.

Frankly, I'd like to see this indicator beside the name of every panelist at these conferences. How do I make this happen?

While I figure this out, you'd better go register for BoS 08.

Oh, and you're going to StartupSchool @ Stanford this weekend, right? I just did some last-minute design work for them...