Wednesday, April 16, 2008

jimmy wales now my [facebook] friend

What, this doesn't merit a blog entry?

Last week I wrote about a shoutout in a Valleywag (yes, Owen poked back). In it, I recounted bumping into Jimmy Wales at a party a little while back. And pinned him! (with a reddit pin)

Apparently he remembered, too, and I wasn't just having another bad trip. Say what you want about Jimmy, he's a great facebook-friender.

This should be very encouraging news to startups with their logo on 1" buttons. Those who have yet to jump on the pin bandwagon are already way behind every emo band and all the startups who want to be successful.

That VC funding isn't going to spend itself. OnceInchRound is the preferred button supplier of reddit and breadpig. I was not paid to type that, but I kinda wish I were...