Friday, April 04, 2008

alien bobblehead vs. mr. blonde video rockets to digg frontpage... really?

This was surprising. The digg community had no reservations digging the Reservoir Dogs ripoff to number one on the digg frontpage. The fervor continues in the comments:

Clearly this was a scientologist trying to ruin the reputation of Anonymous. (+30 diggs)
too bad i was not part of the action, let me know when the next hunt is so i can join you guys... (-7 diggs)
kind of overworked like a SNL skit. it goes on and on, you wait for it to get funny, then its done.

dugg down for 15 year old humor and lack of anything original. if you dugg this up, you are just exhibiting a conditioned response. you are a laugh track on a 'Dharma and Greg' episode. (+17 diggs)
Congrats on the submission, Burento...