Tuesday, April 15, 2008

mental floss asks the questions you've always wanted me to answer

David over at Mental Floss interviewed me via email last week and the results are on the Creatively Speaking blog ahead of schedule. I knew all those bribes would finally pay off.

Take a 5 minute vacation and find out my answers to these questions and more!

I guess i should lead with the absolute most important question–the one on every reader’s mind: what’s the deal with the little reddit cartoon character? Is there a story behind him/her/it? A name? A history worth sharing?
If you could have lunch with any dead person from history, who would it be and why? And it better not be the alien dude.
Oh, and I even got the chance to plug breadpig. Hurray. If you like breadpig tees (or even if you hate them), you'll love the tees over at Mental Floss. Don't miss the Lady Macbeth hand soap tee -- just don't wear it to bed.