Tuesday, July 31, 2007

confirmed by the wsj: cats like rabbit meat

WSJ reporter, Charles Forelle, had obviously caught my earlier post of a cat tormented with live rabbit flesh, only to be scolded by its master.

Now the Murdoch Journal is reporting a boom in bunny meat being prepared, frozen, and shipped to cat owners. We can only assume that the raw Thumper is for their cats.

Thanks to the Chinese kibble scare combined with the undeniable appeal of succulent rabbit flesh, one entrepreneur is "selling about 1,000 pounds of raw rabbit each week."

That's a lot of rabbit.

Her company also happens to be called Hare Today (one can only hope her logo has Gone Tomorrow written beneath it.)

She even got a coveted WSJ hedcut (I'd have given her one for the punny company name alone). Bravo, Tracy.

(Thanks to nekoniku for submitting this)

*This entry was originally submitted with an unnecessary apostrophe in the title. Apologies to all the English majors this left writhing in pain at the sight of this glaring error.


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