Wednesday, August 01, 2007

linked in -- to what?

Facebook captured my soul a long time ago, but there have been a number of others vying for attention ever since. The most curious (and persistent) of them has been LinkedIn.

Frankly, I didn't get it when I got my first invite and a number of "connections" later, I still don't get it. Incidentally, even reddit the alien has a LinkedIn account. Feel free to "connect" -- I promise it'll give you a fantastic recommendation.

So it's the facebook for the business world? Everyone I work with is already on facebook and all we're using it for is checking out one another's cute friends.*

But then again, I'm probably not the target audience. I'm a startup guy who is only two years removed from college. Just give me someone to poke (figuratively, of course).

Those facts at the bottom of every piece of LinkedIn mail aren't convincing me.

Fact: I don't care how many (average) connections Harvard Business School grads each have** -- actually, I probably feel less inclined to participate in LinkedIn now that they've told me.

I'm not even a Yale graduate, this ire is rooted in pure UVA indifference to Ivy. Or maybe that's just rooted in state school insecurity? Gah. Moving on...

This originated from a chat I was having with a friend of mine about social networking sites and "young people." Then LinkedIn came up.

We'd both wondered whether real recommendations, or sincere introductions, had ever been made through the site. It feels like a major success when someone pokes me back; is there really something professional to be done on these kinds of sites?

You can't even find embarrassing party photos through the site, which is really what Facebook is for -- judging potential co-workers. (Yes Jeremy, we dug deep into your photo albums)

But this site has become so popular that plenty of folks must find it useful. I'd love to know why.

Please comment if you've got an endorsement (or would like to heap scorn) -- then "link in" with the alien.

*Don't think it's true? All your friends are doing it, but don't ask them or you'll look weird.
**Answer: 58


Rod Begbie said...

Apparently, the recommendation I wrote for "reddit alien" a year ago is still "pending approval". You should look into that!

alexis [kn0thing] said...

Oh nooz! Thanks for the heads up, Rod.

Carl Tashian said...

hey Alexis -- They have this new Answers service on LinkedIn. Why don't you Ask Your Network This Question?

I think LinkedIn is supposed to help you tap the "strength of weak ties". It goes like this: you connect with a bunch of people you hardly know and then bing! A slot on American Idol! A new car! Gummy bears!

Yeah, it hasn't worked for me yet either.

alexis [kn0thing] said...

Carl, put down that kool-aid and pass those gummy bears.

I've been trying to cuddle up with that Haribo bear for a while now and still no luck. Can someone please make an introduction for me?

I give great recommendation!

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