Tuesday, August 14, 2007

the times they are-a changin'


A friend emailed me yesterday to point out that reddit got a brief mention in a New York Times blog; Mike Nizza did the honor with an entry logging the chronological events following Karl Rove's resignation announcement.

In the meantime, news aggregation sites Digg and Reddit provide examples of pure, uncomplicated schadenfreude to complicate the two thoughtful blog post mentioned above:

* Karl Rove RESIGNS!!!
* Karl Rove Resigns - Ding Dong, the Witch is Dead [breaking news - no irony]
* Short and Sweet: Rove resigns!
I'll let you figure out which one didn't come from REDDIT!!!

Nizza even did the courtesy of linking to the two reddit submissions. I'm never one to turn down a few extra pageviews, but he didn't link through to the actual sources -- just http://reddit.com.

Those two reddit submissions were links to the Wall Street Journal and BBC.

Why not mention that those unorthodox (and admittedly rather silly) headlines were just links to mainstream media sources?

Granted, including that probably wouldn't help his nice contrast between the "thoughtful bloggers" he cited earlier in his entry and the rabble on "news aggregators." I just think the WSJ and BBC deserve a few of those pageviews, too.

Fortunately, I finally saw Avenue Q last week, so I knew what schadenfreude was. Only, I didn't think schadenfreude extended to individuals you already loathed. I don't think you're allowed to use a pretentious German word to describe something that's just part of disliking a person (and I am fairly certain most of the reddit community disliked Rove). Why couldn't Nizza have just quoted some of this thoughtful discourse.

Rove is getting the chance to spend some time with his family. That doesn't sound like much of a misfortune anyway. Would it really be so bad having Turd Blossom around the house more? Maybe he's got a kid running for office in student government...

Learn more about schadenfreude
(Sorry, this was the first vid that came up -- who doesn't like a good Evangelion remix?)


Doomeru said...

This Eva remix scared the crap out of me, mostly because I know the context of those scenes, and that was not a funny happy show for the most part. I think one of the clips of Asuka was right before she got killed by a bunch of dummy-plug test units!


Sir Cucumber said...

that peaabrain...

alexis [kn0thing] said...

I am in awe of your geekdom. Let me prostrate myself at your nerd altar.

Mike said...

Hey Alexis,

Thanks for noticing! You make a great point. I was mostly trying to give readers a chance to see proof of the reddit-unique headlines (and get them to your awesome site), but i should've found a way to link to the source too.

Your ingenious way of sending readers from the rss feed to the source article was what tripped me up. It's a wonderful time saver, but also a tricky link job. Don't change a thing!

Best, Mike Nizza

alexis [kn0thing] said...

hey Mike,

Thanks for responding. No worries about not linking those folks over at WSJ and BBC -- as long as you keep sending reddit traffic ;-)

Oh, and I'm happy you noticed the rss feed; we hoped users would appreciate a link right to the source -- fewer sites do it than we'd expect.